The new elected Council Members came into office last June 2014 and coming in at the middle of the year, only test the strength and the commitment of those now wearing the IKMAL handsome jacket. If only the honour of wearing these jackets were subjected to the hard and tough fought election, during the last AGM. It never happened. However, we are steadfast to uphold the very principle of the foundation of IKMAL and it is our honour and privilege to serve.

Coming into office in the middle of the year, coincide with the yearly program and preparation with the Annual Dinner and the Annual Golf for the maritime fraternity. Aside with these programs and other activities such as the preparation of IKMAL’s Journal and participation in exhibition and seminars, it may be seen that is not enough challenges to carry us through. If to carry on with the usual routine ‘challenges’ that would flow and at the end of the year, our KPI is met, then the expectations of portraying IKMAL as the maritime professional body could be only a lukewarm reception.

IKMAL is now at the crossroad of transformation. With the coming into force of the Maritime Labour Convention [MLC 2006], where all merchants ships of certain tonnages will have to comply in terms of employment of seafarers, IKMAL have submit application to the Authority concerned to be a recognized member in the Tripartite Agreement.

IKMAL shall represent seafarers on Malaysian registered ships. Relevant amendments in the IKMAL Constitution have to be made in order to reflect the need to look after the welfare and well-being of the seafarers. The challenges ahead are to prepare and to transform IKMAL into an organization that will be cognizant as a party to the Tripartite Agreement within the MLC 2006 mandatory arrangement.
It is crucial in the coming days for IKMAL to solicit and to be prepared for such transformation and for IKMAL to further serve the interest of its members.

I can only assure that with all the members’ support, IKMAL will be transformed.


Dato’ Abdul Jamil Murshid