At the flip of the eyes we are now approaching the last quarter of the year. Rightly, it should be a quiet and mundane time for the IKHTISAS KELAUTAN MALAYSIA (IKMAL), though, last year we had the Annual Dinner and Golf get-together sessions organised during this period.

This year, however, IKMAL has been entrusted to organise the World Maritime Day (WMD) International Conference and the associated Golf Tournament. It would be an awesome opportunity and a rewarding challenge if IKMAL can surmount all possible challenges and be a worthwhile strategic partner to showcase these events and be successful. It is even more fulfilling when the theme of this year’s World Maritime Day, ‘Maritime Training and Education coincides with one of the primary objectives of IKMAL, which is to produce educated and quality professional seafarers.

Education and training have always been the core fundamentals for one to be a highly qualified seafarer. With the advent of modern shipping, our seafarers must be equipped, not just with navigation and engineering skills, but, also in management expertise and possess IT knowledge.

With such demands in mind and the existence of a continuous training upgrading regime due to operational needs, one cannot ignore the increase in cost and the burden it imposes upon our seafarers. Times have changed when training was an obligation upon the ship owners. Now, the seafarers themselves have to bear the cost. This is, indeed, a challenge to IKMAL, for, under whatever statutory changes and unexpected tribulations faced by our seafarers, IKMAL will still progress forward with the ultimate aspiration of projecting seafaring as a fulfilling as well as rewarding career.

We look forward to a highly successful WMD International Conference and, with the blessings of Allah SWT, many more interesting events will come our way.

Have an enjoyable read!


Dato’ Abdul Jamil Murshid