In line with its objectives, IKMAL has established a “SEAFARERS’ EDUCATION FUND (SEF)” with an initial seed fund of RM 50000.00.

A SEF Management Committee was appointed with the following as its members:


Dato’ Ir Abdul Hak b. Md. Amin


Capt Abdul Rahim b. Akob
Capt Zuraidi b. Zainol Abidin
Hj Abdul Rahman b. Azubir
Mr Fendy Teruna b. Ahmad Sukar


Capt Abdul Aziz b. Abdullah
Mr Mohd Nur Luthfi b. Rosli


(a) Objectives of the SEF:
i) To assist deserving IKMAL Members in enhancing their competencies aimed at improving their career mobility;
ii) To facilitate IKMAL Members in pursuing greater knowledge and attaining higher competencies within their lifetime;
iii) To encourage IKMAL Members to enrol in local maritime training institutions when attending courses.

(b) Occasions for disbursement of SEF:
i) During Malaysia’s SEAFARERS’ DAY celebration (25th June of every year);
ii) IKMAL’s Annual Dinner; or
iii) Any other occasion deemed appropriate by IKMAL’s Council.

The SEF Management Committee held its first meeting on 16th November 2015.

Details on how applications are to be made will be announced close to the occasion for disbursement.